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        hbying splicing screen projects are all over the world, with rich experience and excellent reputation.

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        Splicing screen project of Xinjiang Great New Energy Company

        Release time:2020-03-10

        Xinjiang Daxin Energy Co., Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers of high-purity polysilicon in China. The company introduces world-leading equipment and production processes from abroad, and realizes fully automatic, full-cycle closed-loop operation through digestion and absorption and technological innovation. Pure polysilicon. The production process has high material utilization rate, low energy consumption, green environmental protection, and various technical indicators have reached the international advanced level. The high-purity polysilicon produced by the company is the main raw material for the solar photovoltaic industry and can be processed into products such as silicon ingots, silicon wafers, cells, and cell components.

        In order to build an intelligent monitoring system platform to monitor the real-time situation of various areas of the company in real time, ensure production safety and improve the accuracy of product quality control, the company introduced Winbond’s 55-inch LCD splicing screen with 3*18 splicing As a large-screen display device of the monitoring terminal.

        Now that the project has been successfully completed and successfully put into use, let us take a look!

        Effect display diagram:

        微信圖片_20191024085425 (2).jpg

        微信圖片_20191024085429 (2).jpg

        微信圖片_20191024085404 (2).jpg


        Contractor: Shenzhen Winbond Technology Co., Ltd.

        Splicing unit: HBY-PJ550P-2

        Project specifications: 3*18/55 inch

        Splicing and seam: 1.7mm

        Installation method: wall-mounted installation

        Resolution: 1920*1080

        Contrast ratio: 4500:1

        Power consumption: 280W/h

        Weight: 38KG

        Viewing angle: 178°

        Brightness: 500cd/m2

        Response time: 6ms

        Service life: 70000h

        Application place: monitoring center

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        Features of 55-inch Samsung 1.7mm LCD splicing screen:

        Screen size: 1209.6mm*680.4mm Bilateral seam: 1.7mm

        Brightness: 500 cd/m2 Appearance size: 1211.2*682.2*174.3mm

        Contrast ratio: 4000:1 Response time: 6ms Resolution: 1920*1080

        Ultra-narrow frame design, perfect visual feast, intelligent split screen, any combination of single screen and multiple screens;

        Diversified image splicing display, easy to realize the whole screen display combination display, stretching, image roaming and other functions


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